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we're all pretty bizarre...some of us are just better at hiding it, that's all.

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this ain't your momma's pro-ana site. anti-censorship. say whatever the hell you want.
it has come to our attention that even so-called "support" forums here on lj are laden with all kinds of bullshit rules like, "no mention of certain diets" and "no tipping," which are all well and good if the focus is pro-recovery. but we've decided that there are plenty of places like that and not enough places where people can come and just be free to talk about whateverthefuck without being jumped all over for saying the wrong thing or not whiting something out.

so here at half a grape, we have but one rule. NO BITCHING AT EACH OTHER.

ESPECIALLY about stupid stuff. you don't agree with someone's post? keep your mouth shut. or at least phrase your comment in such a way that doesn't make you sound like a dickfuck.

talk about whatever the fuck you want. tipping is allowed. whiting things out is in NO way required; we leave that up to the individual. do NOT be afraid of someone jumping all over you for sounding like a "wanna" or what the fuck ever. yeah, we aren't encouraging shit like that, but chances are if you're here, you're fucked up already and anything we say (or don't say because of some precious "rules") is going to make you change your mind. there's plenty of stuff on the internet for your virgin eyes to find on their own, anyway.

if you troll, you're out. if you start bitching about stupid shit like our lack of reverence for everything eating disorder-related, you're out. i don't like your face, you're out. not really, but i reserve the right to kick your ass out if you rub me the wrong way.

this ain't your momma's pro-ana forum. you don't like it, get the fuck out.

the. end.

(edit: 06-15-11) well, shit. i had to add another rule because someone was being a dipshit. NO promoting of communities or projects that have nothing to do with what we are doing here. that means no impersonal plug for a recovery comm. that means don't join just to promote your shiny and new comm. or. you. will. be. banned.