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31 October 2011 @ 01:05 pm
man, i would love to see this place up and running.

i've decided to see how low i can keep my calories today. i'm fresh off a bout of self-imposed recovery...fourteen weeks of it. i can't bring myself to feel guilty for ending this streak. i can't do it anymore. i'm still going to abstain from purging - that's something i want to definitely give up - but i NEED to lose weight again.

so far, i've only had a bk kid's meal = 315 calories. honestly, i could have gone without eating it, and probably should have. but i'm on my second bottle of water today and i'm not going to eat anything else until dinner. i'm going to try to cook something for dinner that involves a lot of veggies so that my cals don't get too high.

GOD, i've missed this.
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