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25 February 2010 @ 02:40 pm
kste and ro's 28-day challenge.  
official rules.

competition will last 28 days, starting february 26, 2010, and will be based on the following point system (modified from the original 28-day plan here on lj):

follow meal plan: 2 points
deviate slightly: 1 point
blow it altogether: 0 points

every thirty minutes of exercise: 1 point

64 oz of water: 2 points
32-64 oz: 1 point
less than 32: 0 points

other rules:
all beverages, with the exception of juice and high-calorie drinks, will count towards water count.
participants must share points level at least once a week via lj or chat or IRL communication.
challenge will last 28 days; there will be no "starting over" or "re-do's".
the main avenue for earning points is to be exercise - this is an exercise challenge, first and foremost!

points will be tallied on march 26, 2010. highest points earned wins.

winner will receive one new pair of $20 blue jeans to be purchased by the runner-up.

if one of the contestants (namely, ro) becomes pregnant during the challenge, she is still eligible to win. meal plans can be altered to reflect new nutritional needs, and exercises can be adjusted, but she must still follow her program to receive points.

them's the rules.