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Okay hi , my name is Jessie , 
i used to be anorexic but I kinda lost track of myself and I've very disappointed in myself for doing that : ( 
but I'm getting back on track I'd love to get help and support from some new friends , and I'd also love to help and support other people !  I really dont exactly know what to say , it's so hard to find other people to support me and to support and befriend but finally I've found the perfect place ! <3 
okay do umm this is my stats ;
Current height: 5'5
Current weight: 125 D ''''' :
Highest weight: 125
Lowest weight: 85
Short term goal weight: 105
Long term goal weight: 95

I also have a little tip I use daily . Everybody knows to drink a lot of water , but drinking I've water is so much better because it burns like 500 calories a week , and I drink a lot of ice water but I also eat a lot of I've because it's like drinking water but it tricks your body into thinking pure actually eating something ! : ) just saying : ) Lowell I hope I make some friends , and I'd love to get some more tips and tricks ! Thanks : )

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yesterday, i managed 800. better than i expected, but not as good as i'd wanted, if that makes sense.

today, i'd just like to say that i fucking LOVE this comm. it feels like home. and i am seriously considering going to promote it everyfuckingwhere because i think there are other people out there who would like being a part of such an easygoing comm, a place where there ARE no rules, a place where you can say what you want and do what you want because this place isn't here to judge, just here to BE, and to be truly SUPPORTIVE, unlike all the other bullshite comms i've come across here on lj.

and i'd also like to say FUCK YOU, recovery. all you've done is make me a big fat ass. i'm through with you. TA!

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man, i would love to see this place up and running.

i've decided to see how low i can keep my calories today. i'm fresh off a bout of self-imposed recovery...fourteen weeks of it. i can't bring myself to feel guilty for ending this streak. i can't do it anymore. i'm still going to abstain from purging - that's something i want to definitely give up - but i NEED to lose weight again.

so far, i've only had a bk kid's meal = 315 calories. honestly, i could have gone without eating it, and probably should have. but i'm on my second bottle of water today and i'm not going to eat anything else until dinner. i'm going to try to cook something for dinner that involves a lot of veggies so that my cals don't get too high.

GOD, i've missed this.
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okedoke smokey.

it has come to my attention that we need a new rule in this comm.

here it is:

pretty please don't come in here and promote a group that is so far gone from our purpose here that it literally makes me go, "dude, what the FUCK?" when i read it.

if you're going to join this group, do it for the right reasons. support. community. not just to be a douche. not to push your agendas on anyone.

if anyone does this, they will be immediately banned. no questions. no explanations.

feel free to message me or depressedana (aka) ro if you are unclear in any way about this new rule. thank you.

that is all.

just because i feel like it.

i realize this place is d-e-d.

and that sucks.

but i'm gonna post here today.

because i want to.

if anyone chances to read this or see this post for whatever reason, feel free to post/reply/join/whatever, because i would dearly LOVE to see this place active again.

kste and ro's 28-day challenge.

official rules.

competition will last 28 days, starting february 26, 2010, and will be based on the following point system (modified from the original 28-day plan here on lj):

follow meal plan: 2 points
deviate slightly: 1 point
blow it altogether: 0 points

every thirty minutes of exercise: 1 point

64 oz of water: 2 points
32-64 oz: 1 point
less than 32: 0 points

other rules:
all beverages, with the exception of juice and high-calorie drinks, will count towards water count.
participants must share points level at least once a week via lj or chat or IRL communication.
challenge will last 28 days; there will be no "starting over" or "re-do's".
the main avenue for earning points is to be exercise - this is an exercise challenge, first and foremost!

points will be tallied on march 26, 2010. highest points earned wins.

winner will receive one new pair of $20 blue jeans to be purchased by the runner-up.

if one of the contestants (namely, ro) becomes pregnant during the challenge, she is still eligible to win. meal plans can be altered to reflect new nutritional needs, and exercises can be adjusted, but she must still follow her program to receive points.

them's the rules.

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hey again..

too long of eating like crazy non stop and i have ended up with a disgusting amount of fat, everywhere - thighs touching, top of arms all flabby and icky, pudgy chin and that little bit of fat that hangs over when you bend down.
110 pounds at my (short) height is not nice at all so tomorrow starting a fast, for as long as i can take it :)

am writing it here to make sure it really happens, because i miss being how i was :(


fun with mods

'kay, so i'm here, doin' mah mod dutiez.

thought i'd post another link for you guys.

don't know if any of you know about this place already, but it. is. AWESOME. i say that because it's LOADED with info, diets, tips, tricks, celeb thinspo, real girl thinspo, reverse, bones, whatever, and it-will-not-be-shut-down-tomorrow. that's the best part. it isn't an angelfire site or a tripod site or a freewebs site. someone owns this url, and they update almost every day with new articles, pictures, etc.

enjoy. --kste